Símbolo de Hermanos Hernáiz


Finca La Emperatriz is a unique vineyard, 101 hectares in one piece in the village of Baños de Rioja, at the very edge of the Rioja appellation. it has a largely Atlantic climate and an extremely poor and difficult to work soil, which generates fine, mineral wines with excellent ageing potential.
 Finca La Emperatriz Plan


Although the estate is quite clearly one single piece of land, the Hernáiz family divided it into different plots and use different vineyard management techniques according to the subtle differences of each plot. The age of the existing vines and the soils lead to different types of grape variety, rootstocks, planting density and direction and training systems.


Finca La Emperatriz is located on the very north-western edge of the D.O.Ca. Rioja, on one of the highest plateaus of Rioja Alta, at 570m above sea level. Sitting 12km to the south of Haro, it has clear views to both the Sierra Cantabria and the Sierra de la Demanda. Its location means that it has a much more continental climate than much of Rioja, although somewhat modified by the influence of the Atlantic, to the north. It is, all told, a perfect climate for the gentle ripening of Tempranillo.
map of La Rioja with the location of the vineyard
Foto viñedo terroir
At the same time, the brightness of the pebbles reflects the sunlight back up to the vines and increases the level of polyphenols in the grapes, which in turn generate colour and body in the resulting wines.


The part of the vineyard which was already planted was left untouched, some 40 hectares of vines planted back in the 1950’s. A detailed study of the soils lead to a choice of specific clones which would be adapted to each part of the vineyard. Today, Finca la Emperatriz grows Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Viura and Maturana.



The plateau on which the estate sits is in fact part of the old river beds created by the melt waters of the Sierra de la Demanda, and which today create the Río Oja, which still runs close to the estate. A landscape of large white pebbles, both small and large retains very little rainwater, which is perfect for the wines during the ripening period.

Exceptionally tough terroir


Finca La Emperatriz’s Viñedo Singular is made up of over 30 hectares of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Viura, planted in bush vines with an average age of over 60 years. Located in the north-west of Rioja and on an alluvial terrace of the Oja river, it is an impressive terroir with a layer of large white pebbles to a depth of about 40 cm, covering a loose, sandy sub-soil. It is a characteristic terroir for its contribution to the elegance of the wines, providing the vineyard with good drainage, adequate lighting of the clusters, good root arrangement and a limited supply of nutrients.

Rioja wine classification scheme

The vineyard is worked with a philosophy of deep respect to the environment. Therefore, a responsible and sustainable agricultural activity is developed throughout the estate, in which the use of insecticides has been replaced by pheromones, and herbicides have been eliminated leaving a green cover. In addition, the leftovers of annual pruning are used as fertilizer and, when necessary, treatments recommended for organic farming areused. Following a path with a firm commitment to take care of the environment and the ecosystem for future generations; and the aim of achieving the official organic viticulture certification.

All these facts make Finca La Emperatriz an ideal Viñedo Singular for the production of top wines with a long and precious aging potential, being the origin of our Finca La Emperatriz Viñedo Singular.