Pet Admission Policy


Villas Finca La Emperatriz is pet friendly. However, it is necessary to contact reception and communicate it prior to arrival for the guest to be informed of the pet admission policy at Finca La Emperatriz. In addition, at the time of check-in, the client must sign our policy and conditions for the admission of pets.

We hereby inform that pets need, to access the state, the mandatory health cards, as well as the location chips.

Pets are not allowed in the common areas, if it´s seen that they may disturb other guests (except guide dogs for the blind), as well as leaving them alone in the villas. In the event that you are left alone, and the animal originates noises and / or actions of bad behaviour, Finca La Emperatriz may call the municipal animal control services for their removal, the owner being liable to pay all expenses.

Small and medium pets up to 25 kilos and only one pet housed per villa is allowed.

Pet admission supplement: € 25 / pet and day.